Jain University Distance & Online MBA

Introduction to Jain University Distance & Online MBA Program

Jain University has a proven track record in conducting job-oriented courses over the years. Centre for Distance Education and Virtual Learning (Jain University) is no less compared to the regular courses conducted by them. The impeccable parity and performance matching in the courses make the distance MBA more exciting for the students of India.

MBA being the professional course, Centre for Distance Education and Virtual Learning (Jain University) has set up a formidable team to facilitate the course with utmost perfection. The ease of learning from home shall also let you connect with the University’s teaching experts during the contact classes. Not only that, the elusive study material and placement activities make the course more attractive too.

While MBA creates a lot of impact among the employers, the degree at the Centre for Distance Education and Virtual Learning (Jain University) is catching the eye of the recruiters. Yes, the top recruiters are looking for candidates from Jain’s as they are well aware that the varsity produces top-class candidates.

Why should one choose the Centre for Distance Education and Virtual Learning (Jain University)?

There are a lot of reasons for one to choose Jain University. A few concrete ones are mentioned for your perusal.

  1. The subjects taught at Jain University are industry-led concepts
  2. Real-time case studies are dealt with during the sessions
  3. Ace course curriculum that matches with the current industry trend
  4. Easy access to study materials and e-resources
  5. Virtual lessons can be accessed at will

Course Curriculum and Needed Outcome

The course is made concrete with every specialization meeting the current industry requirements. That means to say, every specialization is on par with each other. Any student who joins the Centre for Distance Education and Virtual Learning (Jain University) for the MBA program is benefitted from a job at an affordable cost. Yes, you heard that right. The fees are pretty less and the outcome is large.

Faculty Members and Support offered

The industry professionals are the ones who assist the students to learn. They are the ones who had created the course curriculum too. The years of experience at their back and exposure that they have made the course a visionary program. MBA at Jain University allows you to secure your future.

Future needs Satisfied

The Indian business arena is growing rapidly. The need for dynamic professionals is the primary need for many companies. Jain University has foreseen this scenario and made segmented course specializations in MBA. The same is carried forward to distance education with the vision to educate the youngsters of India.


Jain University Online MBA in any specialization is conducted for

  • 2 years
  • 4 Semesters


Jain University Online MBA offers the following 15 specializations.

SI. NOSpecialization
1.MBA – Marketing
2.MBA – Finance
3.MBA – Human Resource Management
4.MBA – Marketing and Finance
5.MBA – Finance and HRM
6.MBA – Marketing and HRM
7.MBA – Entrepreneurship and Leadership
8.MBA – Logistics and Supply Chain Management
9.MBA – Healthcare Management
10.MBA – Project Management
11.MBA  – Information Technology Management
12.MBA – Data Science/ Business Analytics
13.MBA – General Management
14.MBA – Operations
15.MBA – Digital Marketing and E-commerce

As you can see, the specializations range from traditional MBA courses to modern ones. Every course is backed by a strong career at the backdrop. The course is delivered with maximum real-time examples from the industry. The study material is made in English, at the same time it is made in a very simple and understandable fashion.

The learning methodology is yours and the study materials can be made flexible according to your style of learning. Further, the contact classes shall be of immense help for you to clarify your doubts too. The connection with the University’s staff members shall help you gain more knowledge. At the same time, these physical classes shall involve a lot of job-related skills as well.

Every course in the list given below is job-oriented. You are welcome to join the Jain family and get benefitted. After all, distance education is for the candidates who cannot accommodate regular classes in their lifestyle. But that does not mean the course must be sub-standard. This problem of complacency is avoided at the Centre for Distance Education and Virtual Learning (Jain University).

Pursuing MBA through a distance mode of education gives you flexibility in learning. At the same time, the quality of the course makes it exciting too. Lastly, the affordability factor makes it a highlight. Jain University has the blend of all three. To top it all, the placements make the course a complete one.

  • MBA – Marketing

You shall learn the tools required to become a quick decision-maker. The strategies you shall come across will be of immense use during your employment.

  • MBA – Finance

The right set of skill sets is imparted to make an excellent finance manager. The level of proficiency you shall acquire matches with the Indian as well as International Business standards.

  • MBA – Human Resource Management

The best practices of an organization are set by the Human Resource department of an organization. As a student of Jain University, you shall make a mark in the field of HR by using top class tools and by taking excellent decisions at the right time.

  • MBA – Marketing and Finance

An incredible course with two crucial fields in management studies. You shall get to learn the nuances of the expenditure market and deal with your clients effectively. The 2-year program shall give you maximum exposure towards skill development and job requisites. You shall also be enriched with the required knowledge in the field of marketing and finance.

  • MBA – Finance and HRM

The course is designed to meet future industry trends. Multi-tasking is one of the significant changes that the corporate world shall adopt. To become a top-class HR as well as finance specialist, this course shall help you become one.

  • Marketing and HRM

The need for high-performance resources is always in high demand. Especially, the corporate is looking for professionals with multiple knowledge bases. Marketing and HRM are the two fields you shall be coached on. By the end of the course, you shall be ready to become a professional in either of the fields.

  • MBA – Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Developing future leaders is an ongoing task carried out by Jain University. As a part of the leadership development initiative, the Entrepreneurship and Leadership course is an exceptional specialization for aspirants who would like to start businesses. Of course, a lot of job opportunities are available that you can latch on to as soon as you complete the course.

  • MBA – Logistics and Supply Chain Management

This is the most crucial department in any product manufacturing firm. This course at Jain University is dealt with utmost perfection to groom candidates for product-based companies. Moreover, this is the field that requires traction as there are frequent changes in the strategies. You shall get to learn the updated tools and excel in your career.

  • MBA – Healthcare Management

The service industry requires professionals with MBA as a standpoint degree. Not only that, but the sector also requires knowledgeable and skilled employees who can take the healthcare department to the next level. Jain University prepares the students to become top-class and the course is indeed a job-oriented one.

  • MBA – Project Management

Any organization with a global presence needs the resources with Project Management as their prime skill. Here at Jain, project management is offered as an exclusive specialization. The allocation of resources, planning for the future, and accomplishing the tasks are learned under different verticals.

  • MBA – Information Technology Management

IT and ITES sectors are set to boom this year. This momentum shall continue for the next 3 to 5 years. As you complete the course, you shall become an expert in the field of IT which requires a lot of rigor in the field of administration and management.

  • MBA – Data Science / Business Analytics

The most trending course in the world at the moment. A little knowledge of Data shall be of great help to do this course. Nevertheless, you can acquire the knowledge as the course moves on. This is an excellent initiative by Jain University to offer this course with placement assistance.

  • MBA – General Management

General management course is the mother of all MBAs. You get to learn the most crucial Management concepts that loom large in multiple specializations. Say, Finance, HR, Marketing and so on. You can become an expert in 2 years as the course is designed to make leaders in the field of management.

  • MBA – Operations

As the Project Management course, Operations is the required department in many organizations which has high demand. You shall be learning the new trends in the field of operations. Also, you shall learn a lot of strategies involved in taking the right decisions at the right time.

  • MBA – Digital Marketing and e-commerce

This 2-year course at Jain University shall make you an expert in the field of Digital marketing. Understanding the need for digital presence till the depth of SEO advertising shall be taught during this course. The business world is inclining to complete digital usage and this course shall be of importance not only now, even in the future.

Eligibility Criteria

You can join MBA at the Centre for Distance Education and Virtual Learning (Jain University) if

  1. You have a Bachelor’s degree from a UGC recognized University with a pass percentage of 50 throughout the course.
  2. You fall under the category of SC/ST, the bachelor degree is a must. However, the pass percentage is 45 percent.

Fee Structure

Below is the detailed Jain university online MBA fee structure.

  1. Course Fee at Centre for Distance Education and Virtual Learning (Jain University) is

INR 16,000/- for every semester.

The total course fee shall be INR 64,000/-

  • The examination Fee at the Centre for Distance Education and Virtual Learning (Jain University) is

INR 1,500/- for every semester.

The total examination fee shall be INR 6,000/- (Provided you do not have any backlogs, as it may add up to your examination fee)

  • Registration Fee at the time of admission is INR 300/-
  • Certificate Fees (To be paid in the final semester) is INR 500

The total fees to be paid in

  • 1st Semester – INR 17,800/-
  • 2nd Semester – INR 17.500/-
  • 3rd Semester – INR 17,500/-
  • 4th Semester – INR 18,000/-

MBA at Jain is not only for the fresh graduates but also for the working lot. If you have prior work experience, you have a lot to explore with the SMEs at the varsity. MBA degree shall add a feather to your crown. With affordable fees, the course is made available for all the students of India who match the eligibility criteria. Course with delectable outcomes is always preferred.

Admission Procedure

You can apply online for admission and Jain University prefers the same as a part of the quick admission process.

Step 1: Enroll yourself online. on Jain University official website

Step 2A: Get the documents ready in the scanned format. The documents required for admission are mentioned below.

  1. Passport Size Photograph – Scanned Copy
  2. Original Degree Certificate – Scanned Copy
  3. Original Statement of Marks of the Bachelor’s Degree – Scanned Copy
  4. KYC Document – Scanned Copy (You can upload any of the one mentioned below)
  5. Aadhar Card
  6. PAN Card
  7. Election Voter ID Card
  8. Statement of Marks of 10th standard or School Leaving Certificate – Scanned Copy

Step 2B: If you plan to submit the application in person, carry the original as well as photocopies of the documents that are attested by a Notary officer. You can carry the original back but the attested photocopies are to be submitted.

Step 3: Pay the Fees online – (Fee Structure is given in the next block)

You can pay the fees in two different modes

  1. Debit Card or Credit Card Payment
  2. Internet Banking Payment

Step 4: Once the documents are verified and the fees are paid, the admission shall be confirmed.

Placement Activities & Programs

Centre for Distance Education and Virtual Learning (Jain University) focuses whole and truly on an individual’s career. The MBA at Jain is not just a degree, it is a professional entry point for your career. Many leading IT firms have already joined hands with the University to offer a job to the students. Moreover, the leading multinational banks and finance-based companies drop to the University for campus placements.

Every student is allowed to learn and excel in their field of specialization. You shall be offered job-oriented touch points at every level. You are open to exploring the options to be a leader too. The MBA at Jain University has global validity. The course curriculum matches with most of the global business strategies. The subject matter experts who deal with the development of the curriculum have given ample thought to making it a placement-oriented program.

The level of assessments that you shall undergo makes you an employable candidate. The practical, theoretical, continuous assessments shall leave you as a sculptured statue.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a process to submit the documents online?

Of course Yes, you can have the documents scanned and upload them online. Please visit the University website. https://cde.jainuniversity.ac.in/distance-mba and apply online now.

  • Is there any student loan or a study loan offered at Jain?

Study loan for distance education students is not available at the moment. We currently process study loans for full-time students.