Jaipur National University Distance MBA

Jaipur National University distance MBA

Introduction to Jaipur National University Distance Learning

School of Distance Education and Learning (Jaipur National University) established in the year 2009 intending to offer education to all.

No doubt, MBA came under the best of its efforts and the varsity offers various specialisations under management studies.

The best part about SODEL (JNU) is the parity between the regular and distance mode students’ curriculum and delivery methodology is of the highest standards.

One of the objectives of the University is to maintain the perfect match between the two modes of coaching.

SODEL (JNU) is named for its academic counsellors who consider the career of every student pretty seriously.

The expert counsellors, not only teach but also help create careers for their students. The main objectives of SODEL (JNU) are as follows

  • Provide education through distance learning to all the students, thereby offering them a career in hand to pursue
  • Improve skill sets of the students while pursuing MBA
  • Explore viable prospects for higher education in their specialization

The other awards and recognitions are mentioned below

  1. A survey conducted by India Today in the year has ranked SODEL (JNU) in the Top 25 among the Private Universities of India.
  2. In the year 2017, the Founder and Chancellor of the University are awarded ‘Pride of the Nation’ in the 3rd Edition of India’s Great Leaders.
  3. Indian Society of Industry and Intellectual Development awarded the University with Outstanding Performance award in the year 2016.

Jaipur National University Distance MBA Program

Pursuing MBA shall be the wise choice for any individual with appropriate eligibility criteria.

Top-ranked experts from the industry have assisted in crafting the course that shall aid organisations in future.

It is the course curriculum that plays a vital role in making the courses industry related.

Thanks to the faculty members and advanced academic counsellors who made it possible for the students.

The gap between the requirement and supply of manpower is bridged with the help of the course curriculum.

The professionals groomed, coached and taught by SODEL (JNU) – MBA are of the highest standards.

Of course, it is worth mentioning the delivery method that is used in the study materials is easily. understandable

The practical approach towards skill development is to be lauded.

MBA requires to be learned with concepts and real-time examples.

SODEL (JNU) has gone a step ahead in bringing the real-time problems in the organisations and allow the students to solve them during their academic sessions.

Incredible Advantages of Pursuing MBA at SODEL (JNU)

  1. Clinically Updated study materials that are on par with the current industry trend
  2. As the education is through correspondence, you can learn from any part of the country
  3. You can learn at your own pace and accomplish your personal and professional commitments
  4. You are given access to the media-rich learning environment

Immaculate Features of MBA at SODEL (JNU)

  1. There no age restriction to pursue MBA at the University
  2. You can avail of admissions twice in the year
  3. MBA course has a minimum as well as maximum course completing the timeline
  4. Flexible Rules and Regulations
  5. Scores follow the Credit based system that shall allow you to study at your convenience

Design of the Study Materials

  1. Every study material has clear objectives and outcomes
  2. Each learning objective is covered clearly with headings and subheadings
  3. You also have evaluation exercises that can help gauge your performance
  4. The study materials have numerous examples to substantiate the management concepts


The Jaipur National University distance MBA course offers total 15 specializations. The details of each specialization is listed below.

1.MBA – Human Resource Management
2.MBA – Marketing Management
3.MBA – Finance Management
4.MBA – Operations Management
5.MBA – Rural Management
6.MBA – Hospital Administration
7.MBA – Hospitality Management
8.MBA – Information Technology
9.MBA – Project Management
10.MBA – Supply Chain Management
11.MBA – Airport and Airline Management
12.MBA – Banking and Finance Management
13.MBA – Construction Management
14.MBA – International Business Management
15.MBA – Total Quality Management

MBA – Human Resource Management

The two-year professional degree program offers you the platform to excel in the field of recruitment, management and other HR divisions. A delectable course designed by industry experts has a wide range of opportunities in the top Multi-National companies.

MBA – Marketing Management

The evergreen MBA course specialization is for individuals who would like to explore the world of creativity. Dynamic marketing professionals are continuously made by Jaipur National University and you can one of them.

MBA – Finance Management

With the Indian Finance sector growing vastly, the need for Finance experts and analysts becomes imperative. Jaipur National University has identified the need for the nation and this course offers the exact need for the country.

MBA – Operations Management

The need for good planning, organizing and supervising among the top industries in India has given rise to this specialization. Operations Management is one role that the organization shall be looking forward to for seamless business operations.

MBA – Rural Management

Learn the innovative standards to improve rural life in India. The ability to give creative change in the villages of the nation shall be of prime importance in the future. Jaipur National University has come up with this 2-year program that shall make you employment ready at the end of the program.

MBA – Hospital Administration

This is an incredible field that involves leadership qualities and management abilities. The Healthcare industry is on for a drastic change in operations. This shall lead to a lot of job requirements in future. Moreover, the existing administration aspects are not proving good. Jaipur National University has unveiled the course that shall help you secure a job and the hospitals to become very effective.

MBA – Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry is booming in India along with the IT and ITES sectors. Jaipur National University offers the 2 year MBA course that shall ensure you to be the dynamic professional that the industry wants.

MBA – Information Technology

The fundamental connection of IT and the management aspects are the ones that us devoid in most of the MNCs. The act of bridging this gap has made the University come up with this 2-year job-oriented course.

MBA – Project Management

The foundation of the master’s degree is found in this program. Project Management is an incredible 2 year MBA course at Jaipur National University that gives you ample opportunity to be in the administration department of any organization.

MBA – Supply Chain Management

The scope of the program is vast and this is prescribed for individuals who have the analytical ability and excellent decision-making skills. Jaipur National University coaches the students in making the top class professionals in the field of supply chain management.

MBA – Airport and Airline Management

This is relatively a new field that is introduced by the University. The exemplary mobilization of airport execution plans is successfully established and run by dynamic professionals. Jaipur National University has introduced the course to make high-class professionals in this field.

MBA – Banking and Finance Management

The leading requirements in the field of finance are immeasurable. The banking sector, be it national or international has a lot of need for management graduates who can facilitate the finance strategies the best way possible. This 2-year course shall offer you to be the one.

MBA – Construction Management

With real estate booming in India, many construction projects are coming up. At the same time, the government projects in laying out bridges and highways require a strong Construction Manager and that can be you.

MBA – International Business Management

The collaborative effort of overseas strategies with indigenous plans is more welcomed by organizations. The international business studies shall offer you exposure to the business arena in the western world. You can be a strategic advisor to many companies as you grab this opportunity to study at Jaipur National University.

MBA – Total Quality Management

The need for a TQM professional is always high. Every service sector and production sector has a job related to it. The course curriculum is well designed to match the current requirements too.


All the MBA courses are designed to run for

  • 2 years
  • 4 semesters

The maximum duration a candidate can take to complete the course is 4 years in this scheme.

The University has a provision of lateral entry for the students who have

  1. Completed Diploma in Management at Jaipur National University
  2. Completed MBA in any of the Universities recognized by Jaipur National University

These candidates can join in the 2nd year and complete the course in 1 year. While the maximum duration to complete the course is 2 years.

Eligibility Criteria

There is no much complication for being eligible. You must have a Bachelor degree from a UGC recognized university.

A candidate who has done his/her Diploma in Management Studies at JNU is eligible to join too

Also, an MBA graduate who wants to pursue another specialization at SODEL can apply for a lateral entry.

Fee Structure

For any of MBA specialisations that you may choose, the fee structure is as follows

  1. Admission Fee – one time – INR 500/-
  2. Programme Fee – per semester – INR 10,000/-
  3. Examination Fee – per semester – INR 2000/-

It is expected of the candidate to take a Demand Draft (DD) in favour of Jaipur National University, payable at Jaipur for paying the fees.

You can send the application form, the required documents and the fee directly to the University.

Admission Process

If you are planning to join MBA at SODEL (JNU), you are expected to

  1. Fill in the Admission Form
  2. Attach the Photocopies of all the mark sheets obtained right from the 10th standard. Do not forget to self-attest every mark sheet
  3. Attach a photocopy of Aadhar Card
  4. Attach the Demand Draft for the prescribed amount as Fees
  5. Send it to the University through Post or Courier service.

Placement Program

SODEL (JNU) is renowned for its placement activities throughout the course. With the IT and ITES companies looking for excellent management graduates, and they are also confident in JNU students, the level of placements is top class.

The dream job is the motto and the students are expected to groom themselves to get placed while they pursue MBA.

At the same time, the leading national and international banks also drop in for recruitment purposes.

The job-oriented course curriculum has set this standard for all the students who pursue MBA at the University.

The University has a good relationship and has tied up with Hyatt Regency, BRG Iron and Steel, Astron Multigrain and many more.

While this being specialization irrespective, the courses are on par with one another.

It is expected of the students to take the learning seriously and the rest shall be taken care of by the University.

The career of every student is taken care and the University is named for its placement activities.

Students not only get to learn the academic papers but also get skilled in various areas.

If you are looking at a lucrative career, MBA at SODEL (JNU) is what is prescribed by many experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is one of the Universities that offer MBA for any age group. You just require a bachelors degree to get admission. No other concession or scholarships are available at the moment.

  • Are there any scholarships at SODEL (JNU)?
  • Am a dropout of MBA from a certain college, Can I join here?

An appropriate Transfer certificate is required but optional. As such, your Bachelor’s degree certificate with mark sheets shall be sufficient to join MBA at SODEL (JNU).

  • Are the courses approved by UGC?

Of course, all the courses are approved by UGC. Please visit the website to see the approval letter too.