Pondicherry University Distance MBA

Introduction to Pondicherry University Distance MBA

Excellent course curriculum and exceptional execution methodologies make the Distance MBA at Pondicherry to be the best among the Indian varsities.

Established 10 years after its inception, the Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) focuses exclusively on job-oriented distance education MBA specializations.

The huge hassle of several talented individuals is to attend physical classes due to their professional as well as personal commitments.

DDE was started in the year 1996, to make individuals realize their dreams of acquiring a professional degree staying at home.

Not only that, a professional degree like the MBA has a strong career to back up too. The Directorate of Distance Education is lauded to be the prime place to study MBA.

It is mainly because of a few critical reasons

  1. 34 successful batches of MBA completed to date
  2. Highly Qualified faculty members
  3. High-Quality course curriculum
  4. Excellent placement opportunities

DDE has realized the problems of Indian industries. The organizations are looking for prime talent for their crucial roles.

Most of the roles are in managerial positions and decision-making skills are highly necessary.

Unfortunately, India lacks the potential and DDE started offering distance MBA courses that shall map the growth of Indian companies.

The courses offered at DDE matches exactly with the requirements of top MNCs in India. More importantly, the specializations cater to the future trends in the market too.

Job Oriented Course Curriculum: This is an ace concept that is undertaken by the University authorities. Knowledge alone is not sufficient; execution is the imperative aspect of learning. DDE has come up with courses that are sketched by the industry experts that shall guarantee the individual their dream job. Every course has a concrete outcome in terms of career development.

Incredible Twinning Programs: DDE has adopted an excellent strategy to coach the students of India using top-class experts. It has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with excellent institutions so that the students can attend the lectures from the professional faculty members of that institution. As many students join from many different parts of India, this strategy has worked wonders.

Customized Study Material: The course curriculum being excellent and the faculty being top-notch, the study material is sketched in a way that is pretty simple to read and understand. The main problem of the Indians is the language defect. To overcome this, the study materials are made impeccably easy for any student to learn at ease.

Apart from that, the students can undergo rigorous classroom sessions during the weekends. This is possible only through the Twinning programs and every student who joins MBA shall undergo such classroom sessions.


All the Pondicherry University distance MBA courses at the Directorate of Distance Education is of

  • 2 Years
  • 4 Semesters

Each specialization has Core and Elective papers in it. In the first 3 semesters, the core papers shall be studied and the final semester has the elective papers to be chosen based on the selected specialization.

With weekly lectures in study centers, you shall also have skill development programs associated with that. These classes shall not only help you gain knowledge but also helps you attain clarity on the subjects learned and acquire the skill sets that are required these days. Such classes shall help you become interview as well as industry-ready.

Eligilility Criteria

The following are the Pondicherry University distance MBA admission eligibility criteria.

The student with

  • Any degree with any background of specialization and who has gained the Bachelor’s degree from PU or any recognized university by DDE under the 10+2+3 scheme can apply for the course

There are no entrance exams, so it is pretty easy to join MBA at DDE.


Pondicherry University offers the following distance MBA specializations.

MBA – Human Resources Management

The evergreen flagship program at DDE is MBA – HRM. The course is set in such a way that human resource problems in Indian Industry are completely addressed. Intending to make entrepreneurs, DDE has sketched the course with a maximum practical approach. The study materials are conducive to current trends and offer you immense knowledge in the field of Human resource as well as labour problems of India. The concepts of Industrial relations, Labour relations are dealt with in a way that suits the current industry style in the nation. Also, every candidate can learn the global HR practices and calibrate the same in the Indian environment. This shall entitle every candidate to job-ready as well.

MBA – Finance

A strong analytical mind can be of great asset to any organization. In the making of excellent finance professionals, DDE sketched the curriculum of MBA in Finance. The finance sector in India requires strong professionals who can focus, relate and develop the standards of the company financially. All the more, such departments exist to create a global buzz in the market value too. DDE has taken measures in involving finance experts to draft the course curriculum. The placement assistance offered during the course is worth mentioning too. Orientation and accounting finance are taken to the deepest level of understanding. You can also learn the functionality of the stock market too. As such, portfolio management being the trend, you can learn it as you do the course at DDE.

MBA – Marketing

Marketing analytics is of topmost priority for any MBA graduate. DDE realizes the need for data-backed programs and MBA in Marketing in one such course that can fetch you the dream career. You can learn the application tactics of marketing strategies along with real-time consumer behavior. This course is strategized to be executed with utmost practicality. The case studies that you undergo are the ones that had happened in the recent past. With the perfect blend of traditional ways of marketing and modern tactics, this course is most sought for by many individuals in the recent past. The companies in India are looking for dynamic marketing professionals who can lead from the front in developing the organization too.

MBA – International Business

DDE has stretched its arms for global connect. With other courses being exceptional, MBA in international business adds value to Indian companies by offering international standards in decision making. Understanding global norms in business shall help an individual collaborate the idea to develop the nation. DDE has the idea seeded long back and came in the form of this course. The course with extreme possibilities of gaining you a dream job requires a lot of dedication to understand the nuances of Indian as well as international nuances in the business arena. With global impact raising in the country, this course becomes more critical and organizations are in the hunt for such professionals. You can be one too. All you have to do is, enroll in this course.

MBA – General

Learning the managerial aspects to become a successful leader is again a trait. MBA at DDE offers you to become one. The global insights in business with Indian vision shall make you a class apart from professionals. An exclusive course that shall give impetus to your wings to fly. The job-oriented course curriculum shall help you be task-oriented all the time. Yes, the course is made practical with all real-time examples in the current business fields. With varied businesses happening around the nation, gaining an MBA becomes more crucial these days.

Fee Structure

The total fee for Pondicherry University distance MBA is INR 24,925.

And can be paid as follows

  1. During the first Semester, Pay INR 9,925/-
  2. In the second Semester, Pay INR 5,000/-
  3. In the third Semester, Pay INR 5,000/- And
  4. In the fourth Semester, Pay INR 5,000/-

Once the fees for the respective semester is paid, you shall receive the study materials. It shall be sent to your residence.

The application fee for SC/ST shall be INR 100 while the others are charged INR 1000/-

Admission Procedure: How to Apply?

Pondicherry University Distance MBA admission procedure is a pretty simple and straightforward process.

You can apply in person and also can apply online Submit the required certificates and qualification details and you are on an incredible journey with the Directorate of Distance Education Pondicherry University.

The department of Management studies at DDE strives hard for student excellence. Indeed, the programs make every individual industry ready, no doubt. But the cooperation from the students to execute the learnings is most important.

Placement Assitance

DDE is named for placements. Companies are looking for top-class professionals, the varsity offers many opportunities.

Leading banks from multinationals as well as India also have joined hands with the varsity for offering jobs to the students who pursue MBA at DDE  Pondicherry University.

The companies visit the recruitment department of the University and you shall be notified of the same too.

Concession & Scholarship

SC/ST students who enroll for the MBA course can avail themselves of various scholarships offered by the state or the Union Territory.

There is a complete discount on the fee for physically challenged students.

Also, there is a 50% concession for a few categories

  1. Son/Daughter of non-teaching staff at PU
  2. Non-teaching staff at PU
  3. Personnel of the Armed Forces
  4. Widows
  5. Women who are deserted
  6. Transgender AND
  7. Prisoners